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World War I

PIN GOLD LEGION PAST COMMANDER2022-11-04T00:58:05-06:00
VICTORY MEDAL 5 BAR WWI2022-11-04T00:51:36-06:00
MEDAL WWI NEW YORK2022-11-04T00:43:28-06:00
MEDAL WWI BETHLEHEM PA2022-11-04T00:30:13-06:00
HAT CORD WWI SATC2022-10-30T01:26:28-06:00
MONEY BELT WWI 4 POCKET2022-10-25T23:05:35-06:00
SOAP DISH WWI ALUMINUM2022-10-13T23:20:22-06:00
MEDAL WWI VICTORY SO-YL-DS BARS2022-08-10T00:49:00-06:00
MEDAL CROIX DE GUERRE 1918 3 PALM+STAR2022-08-09T20:33:27-06:00
PISTOL AND REVOLVER LANYARD WWI2022-08-09T13:16:32-06:00
DUST GOGGLES IN CASE WWI2022-08-08T20:38:52-06:00
CANTEEN AND COVER 1918 FMHS2022-07-31T21:43:13-06:00
RIBBON 3 STAR WWI BRIT MADE2022-07-27T17:03:48-06:00
RIBBON BAR 3 PLACE 5 STAR VICTORY MEX2022-07-27T16:52:47-06:00
LAPEL PIN IN THE SERVICE WWI2022-07-26T12:47:59-06:00
COLLAR DISC WWI KANSAS2022-07-26T12:40:40-06:00
MEDAL SILVER STAR BB&B2022-07-16T00:06:33-06:00
INSIGNIA 18TH INFANTRY GOLD BB&B2022-07-15T22:53:33-06:00
BUTTON WWI PRESSED FABRIC TUNIC2022-07-12T09:59:40-06:00
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