UNIFORMS GROUPING CADET NURSE NAMED HALL.  Grouping is well named to an Elizabeth Hall. She was a Cadet Nurse in WWII, and these 2 uniforms and pieces are both hers and marked.  This is a great set of uniforms from 1 cadet nurse that is very complete with a couple of very scarce hats included. The price of these alone make up most of the grouping if you’re looking for just them.  Not often can you run across such a larger group together.

This set includes the following:

  • Original handbag in nice condition in cadet gray.
  • Cadet nurse’s beret with the original insignia in sterling by Blackington. Worn sweatband in silk. Size 22
  • Gray Nurses scarce summer hat with silk ribbon and original sterling insignia by Blackington. Has issue tag to Nurses Corps inside in size 21.5 with a nice headband. Light moth nip on felt hat. No holes.
  • Summer wear pinstriped uniform with all the original insignia also by Blackinton and Cadet Nurses patch on the arm. 1 button loose but in the pocket.
  • Summer wear pinstriped skirt with side zipper and top button. This is in a size medium.
  • Winter wear gray dress uniform tunic with filled out identification label.  Couple moth nips here and there but not really noticeable. Has full set of buttons and full insignia in sterling by Blackington.  Shoulder straps are officers and I believe a Lieutenant with one set of caduceus.
  • Winter wear gray Nurses Corps skirt with side zipper and top fastening button.
  • all these are in a womans medium size it looks and not super small like most.
  • Advertisement from magazine of the period of the Nurse Cadet Corps showing uniforms.  This is in a border ready for framing if you chose to do so.

Uniforms grouping cadet nurse named Hall