RED CROSS WOMANS MOTOR SERVICE UNIFORM TUNIC, SKIRT, PURSE. Incredible grouping that consists of the dress, skirt and purse.  Excellent condition and with the original patches. These are very hard to find and this one is pretty complete.  Purse is in the same material as the uniform and a scarce accessory to find.

This has the 1942 to 1945 motor service patch on the left sleeve.  The epaulets have the green silk strip and no rank insignia.  The purse has 1 small snag on the back and VERY small, but the rest is in great used condition.  The collars have the ARC small insignia attached and original to the uniform as correct for a driver.

Buttons are a nice silver early variation with the simple cross in the center. All are present. The skirt is complete but sometime in history she needed the zipper. It is not present. This complete uniform is worthy of any nice collection and would be so nice to have displayed on a mannequin.  

This uniform also has 1 service bar stripe and an Overseas service chevron. This is a very nice item to see on a jacket of the red cross and proves she served overseas.

I am not a good measurer but looks to be in a nice medium size.  These Red Cross war volunteers were one of the most useful parts of the home front effort to help the soldiers in the states and all the way to the front lines.  I believe this uniform deserves a place in a great collection.

If you are now looking for a womans Red Cross motor service uniform this may just be the right one for you. These do not come on the market often so don’t miss this chance to add this wonderful uniform grouping.